Blog Prompt #7 (3/27/18)

Choose one of the movies that we have seen thus far this semester or choose a popular film that you are fairly certain everyone has seen.* Using the segmentation of Inside Man on pages 108-110 as a guide, perform a partial segmentation of that film. (Do not try to segment the entire film.)

Choose specific section for which you can interpret something about the film’s theme based upon your segmentation. Then, use your segmentation to suggest something original about the film’s theme or how the film worked.

*You cannot use a film somebody else has already segmented in a previous reply to this prompt.

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  1. March 22, 2018 at 1:13 am

    Segmentation of Fargo

    Preface: Jerry’s office: Jerry discusses on the phone with the kidnapper that blood has been she’d, the cost of the job has increased and there is nothing he can do about his deal gone bad.

    1. Restaurant : Margie ( deputy assigned to case) gets Intel that suspicious calls were made to Minneapolis the night of the multiple murders. She decided to take a drive there.
    2. Jerry’s dining room: Jerry speaks to his father in law and tells him that he has to deliver the ransom. The father in law argues that he wants to make the delivery because he does not want Jerry to mess it up.

    Interrogation : Deputy Marg interview mechanic and Jerry

    1. Kidnappers residence: In a panic the mechanic breaks into the residence. Mechanic is upset that cops are questioning him so he beats the kidnapper up.
    2. Jerry’s house ; Jerry gets a call from distraught kidnapper that he wants to meet in a half hour to get his payment. Father in law listens to the conversation in the background, grabs the briefcase with money and heads out the door.
    3. Top of parking garage ; Father in law shows up to meet kidnapper with cash. Kidnapper is not happy that Jerry doesn’t show. Jeans dad ( father in law) refused to give the cash away without knowing where Jean is. The kidnapper shots and kills him.
      Jerry arrives after the incident to find his father in law dead.

    Questioning: innocent bystander

    1. A bystander offers information to the cops. He tells them that he ran into the kidnapper and he was asking where to find some girls. He tells the officer of the hookers they hired and also give the description that the kidnapper is funny looking.


    1. Jerry’s office: Marg arrives back to Jerry’s office and questions him about the car that was used in the kidnapping. She has a hunch that it came from his car lot. Jerry rudely offers to go do a car count and makes a run for it.

    This segmentation describes the kidnapping that went wrong of Jene, Jerry’s wife. Jerry realized he has done wrong, and his entire plan backfires. Deputy Marg refuses to give up knowing that the case was fishy. She ends up finding the kidnapper, and was able to arrest he and Jerry. The theme of this film is from Jerry and his plan. He simply was desperate for cash and was willing to do anything to selfishly get it.

  2. Kristin S. Rutland
    March 22, 2018 at 2:25 pm

    Segmentation of Titanic

    Preface: Titanic is docked on shore: People begin loading the dock to go onto the boat to experience their voyage across sea to America.
    1. Bar outside of Titanic Docking: Jack and his friend win Titanic tickets to stay aboard after winning a poker game.
    2. On ship: Rose is fighting with her mother on the marriage arrangements for her to marry a cruel, rich man in order to keep their riches fulfilled.
    Process of Relationship between Jack and Rose
    1. Back end of Ship: Jack and Rose meet here for the first time as she is attempting suicide for feelings of obligation and resistance.
    2. Dining Hall: Jack makes a good first impression amongst Rose and the rich through humble conversation
    3. Front of Ship: The two interchange feelings as she puts his trust into him with the iconic scene of “flying” as he holds her while she is at the front of the sailing ship. This acts as the starting point of the charismatic romance.
    4. Top of stairs outside dining hall: Rose had just gotten off of the lifesaving boat in order to reunite with Jack because she only saw him as her hope for life. She was willing to give up her place to get saved just so she would not be separated from him.

    Sinking of Ship
    1. Deck of Ship: When the Captain receives news that they have hit an iceberg, everyone begins to panic and look for solutions for their dangerous fate.
    2. Corridors: Jack and Rose consistently fight to get through the maze of the ship through numerous obstacles of freezing water, people dying nearby, and a psychotic rich man urging to kill them
    3. Back of Ship: Jack and Rose come together at the same place they first met as the ship begins to sink down out of existence into the deep ocean
    4. The Ocean: The most iconic scene of the film where Rose and Jack fight to hold onto their last shred of hope to stay alive from the detrimental situation.

    As Rose is set aboard a luxury ship accompanied by her mother and rich companions, she finds herself staring death in the face emotionally. She is forced into marrying a cruel, yet wealthy young gentleman to save her families fortune. However, since she is not on mutual terms with this decision, the pressure sets in and she is willing to take her life to escape from it. The one thing that gives her hope is meeting Jack Dawson. Through intense romantic feelings and connection she understands the significance of how precious life is through a humble perspective and wishes to be nothing like the rich any longer. Ironically, death actually creeps into real existence as the sinking of the Titanic begins to take place. This really sets the theme of holding onto someone or something as long as you can, even if it means risking your life. This film segmentation opens the eyes of those who may take advantage of the simplest aspects of life. People do not know their fate of this world and it is important to hold tight to those whom you presumably love most no matter the consequences.

  3. Kymberly Conaway
    March 22, 2018 at 3:58 pm

    Segmentation of Disney’s Tarzan
    Preface: A couple are on a ship in tumultuous waters. The ship crashes.

    1. In a treehouse: A orphaned baby is alone because his parents were killed by a leopard. Kala (female gorilla) save the baby and takes him to her troop. She introduces the baby to her husband who disapproves but lets her keep him. She names him Tarzan.
    2. The troops’ nest: Five years later, Tarzan tries to make friends. He notices that he is treated differently and he looks differently, so he tries to prove that he belongs.
    3. In the jungle: Tarzan fights and kills the leopard that is attacking Kerchak (Kala’s husband). This earns Kerchak’s respect.

    Introduction of English Scientists
    1. In the jungle: Professor Porter, his daughter Jane, and their guide Clayton are settling for their exploration. Jane becomes separated and gets attacked by baboons. She is saved by Tarzan.
    2. At scientist camp: Professor Porter and Jane teach Tarzan to speak English and what the human world is like. Clayton tries to convince Tarzan to betray his family by telling where they are hiding and tells him that this will make Jane happy.

    Tarzan’s Decision
    1. The troops’ nest: Tarzan leads them to the nest. Kerchak gets mad because he has been betrayed and attacks the trio. Tarzan and Kerchak have a standoff while the trio leaves. Tarzan is kicked out of the troop.
    2. Scientist camp: Tarzan puts on a suit and decides to go to England
    3. On the boat: Clayton lies and traps them abroad to go capture the gorillas. Tarzan escapes the trap
    4. The troops’ nest: Clayton shoots Kerchak. Tarzan and Clayton fight which leads to Clayton’s death. Kerchak’s finally breaths accepts Tarzan as his son an the new leader of the troop.

    This segmentation describes the theme of acceptance and family. The film begins with a song playing in the background and the first words are “Two Worlds, One Familly”. Then throughout the film, Tarzan is seeking acceptance from everyone in order to fit in.

  4. Lilly Lightsey
    March 25, 2018 at 10:24 am

    Segmentation of To Kill a Mockingbird
    Preface: Court Room. Everyone is trying to squeeze into the court room to get a view of the trial. Scout and Jem squeeze into the upstairs section to watch Atticus. Tom Robinson is lead into the court in chains as everyone watches.
    1. The court, once loud and full of people talking is called to order and it becomes quiet. Everyone stands for a moment and then sits.
    Court Begins: Few minutes later
    1. Sheriff Tate sits in a chair front and center of the court room. He tells his story of the night of the crime.
    2. Atticus and Tom Robinson watch on quietly before Atticus speaks up.
    3. Atticus asks if anyone called a doctor the night of the crime.
    4. Sheriff Tate says Mayella was punched in her right eye.
    5. Sheriff Tate is asked to sit down.
    6. Bob Ewell is called to the stand. He tells his story of the night of the crime. He says he saw Tom Robinson with Mayella.
    7. Bob Ewell says multiple times he was sure it was Tom Robinson
    8. Atticus rises to ask questions and Mr. Ewell makes a move to go back to his seat. Atticus asks him to sit back on the stand.
    9. Atticus questions Mr. Ewell. He asks him if he agrees with Sheriff Tate. Mr. Ewell agrees.
    10. Atticus asks Mr. Ewell to write his name down on a piece of paper.
    11. Atticus points on Mr. Ewell is left handed. This angers Mr. Ewell.
    12. The judge makes Mr. Ewell go back to his seat.
    13. Mayella is called to the stand. She is very timid. She is questioned, barely speaking above a whisper.
    14. Atticus rises to question Mayella.
    15. Atticus asks Tom Robinson to stand. He tosses him a glass which Tom Robinson catches with his right hand.
    16. Atticus asks Tom Robinson to catch the glass with his left hand, but Robinson tells him he can’t because of an accident
    17. Atticus questions Mayella again about if Tom was really the one who raped her.
    18. Mayella breaks down and runs off the stand.
    19. Mr. Gilmer tells the judge that the state rests their case. Tom Robinson is called to the stand.
    20. Atticus questions Tom Robinson’s relationship with Mayella.
    21. Tom Robinson reveals that Bob Ewell threaten to kill his daughter for kissing him.
    22. After Atticus sits down, Mr. Gilmer gets up and questions Tom Robinson’s motives on helping Mayella.
    Court Room: More time has passed.
    1. Atticus rises and makes his closing statement.
    2. After making his closing statement, Atticus sits back down.
    3. The court breaks out in mutters of people talking.
    Court Room – Upstairs: Two hours later.
    1. Jem asks how long the jury has been out. Scout is falling asleep.
    2. After the Reverend answers Jem, the jury files back into the court.
    3. Everyone in the court retakes their seats. It quiets down.
    4. Tom Robinson is lead back into the court and once again unchained. He takes his seat beside Atticus and they exchange looks.
    5. The judge reenters.
    6. The judge takes his seat and asks the jury of their verdict.
    7. The judge asks Tom Robinson to rise.
    8. Tom stands and faces the jury. One jury member stands and faces the judge.
    9. The jury member announces that Tom Robinson has been found guilty.
    10. Tom Robinson falls back into his seat.
    11. Jem and Scout look crushed.
    12. The judge dismisses the jury and court and then leaves.
    13. Everyone slowly files out of the court.
    14. Tom Robinson is put back in chains and lead out of the court.

    This segmentation is important because it what the whole movie has been leading up too. While Atticus makes so many good points that would show anyone Tom Robinson did not rape or abuse Mayella, in the end racism wins. In the end just because Tom Robinson was a black man, he was blamed instead of Bob Ewell. It shows how corrupt the town Scout is part of really is and how much racism runs wild there. It also shows you, by Scout, Jem, and Atticus’s reactions that they are the good in the town. They do not see skin color, instead they just wanted an innocent man to stay free.

  5. Erica Dovre
    March 29, 2018 at 2:04 pm

    Segmentation of Toy Story

    In Andy’s Room- Andy is playing with the toys, acting out a robbery

    Living room-

    1. Andy continues to play with Woody
    2. Andy talks to his mother about his birthday party that is happening today
    3. Andy goes back to his room with Woody

    Andy’s Room-

    1. The toys have a meeting about Andy’s birthday party
    2. The toys see Andy’s friends arriving. This causes an uproar from the toys caused by nervousness as new toys are arriving
    3. The toy soldiers march out into the living room to report of the new presents Andy is recieving
    4. Buzz Lightyear is the last present to be opened
    5. The toys hear Andy and his friends begin to run towards his room
    6. The toys all go back to their “normal” positions and make themselves look like regular toys again
    7. Andy and friends enter the room in hurry. Andy leaves Buzz Lightyear on the bed.
    8. Andy and friends exit his room.
    9. The toys slowly come back to life, and Buzz Lightyear is introduced.

    This beginning segment of the film is very important because the entire theme of the movie has already been laid out. The rivalry of Woody and Buzz Lightyear is definitely foreshadowed within these scenes. Andy has already shown favoritism to Woody. This is portrayed when the viewer sees Andy taking only Woody out of his room and downstairs to play. He is also wearing a hat that resembles Woody’s. The toys were already very nervous and panicked about the arrival of new toys. Then, it is made obvious that Buzz Lightyear is a special toy because of the significance of the scene in which he is opened as a present at Andy’s birthday party. The way Buzz Lightyear is presented in the beginning foreshadows his importance and even the way that ge will act throughout the course of the movie.

    Typically, this trend is seen in animated films. The plot of the story is usually set in a way in which the viewer will know what is going to happen throughout the course of the movie, but not necessarily what will happen in between.

  6. Cecil Maddox
    April 1, 2018 at 9:33 pm

    Segmentation of The Lion King:

    1. Pride Rock
      a. The savanna animals prepare to go to ceremony revealing the new cub of King Mufasa.
      b. Mufasa and Sarabi prepare their infant cub to meet all of the savanna animals.
      c. Rafiki presents Simba at the edge of pride rock and all the animals make noise to celebrate to birth of a future king.
    2. The Gorge
      a. Scar brings Simba to the gorge with the promise of a surprise he and Mufasa concocted, then disappears.
      b. Scar gives the ok to the hyenas to scare the wildebeests.
      c. Simba gets trapped on a tree branch just above the stampede.
      d. Scar warns Mufasa to come save Simba from the stampede.
      e. Mufasta drags Simba from the stampede and leaves him in a safe spot.
      f. Scar pushes Mufasa to his death.
      g. Scar insinuates to Simba that the whole thing is his fault and that he should leave so that nobody else will blame him.
      h. Simba runs away, chased by the hyenas until they stop at the bramble patch to watch him run off.
    3. The grasslands/jungle
      a. Rafiki tells Simba that Mufasa is alive.
      b. Simba follows Rafiki into the jungle.
      c. Rafiki tells Simba to look closely into the water.
      d. Simba has a vision of his father, who tells him to remember who he is.
      e. Simba decides to return to Pride Rock to reclaim his title as king.
    4. Pride Rock
      a. Simba stands atop the dried out wasteland of pride rock as rain starts to pour.
      b. The lionesses gather around and join Simba in roaring.
      c. Flash-forward to the same scene, but all the grasses and trees have regrown. Everything is bright and green.

    The segmentation shows the themes of birth, death and rebirth within The Lion King. The entire movie centers around life transitions and becoming who you were meant to be. The movie’s theme song “The Circle of Life” is a prime example of this theme.

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