Blog Prompt #4 (2/20/18)

The first step in completing the fourth blog posts will be to hone your ability to analyze a montage.

Paragraph 1:

Choose a montage from Apocalypse Now and do your best to describe the scene such that it can be found. (If you can find a link online, include it.) Describe what role the montage fulfills in moving along the action of the movie (or not), and its significance on the overall movie, its theme, its message, its symbolism, etc. (I suggest that you avoid the trap of choosing the obvious scenes, but if you do, be certain to avoid simply restating what others have already said.)

Paragraph 2:

Find a montage scene from another movie not discussed here or in class. Copy and past the URL here and discuss its significance on the overall movie, its theme, it message, its symbolism, etc.

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