Blog Prompt #3 (February 13, 2018)

Harold and Maude is one of those films that people seem to love or hate. Upon its release, it received lukewarm and even bad reviews. Over time, though, it has become something of a cult movie, and more recent reviews have been effusive in their praise. (It’s currently at an 86 on Rotten Tomatoes.)

For this post, read the following reviews of Harold and Maude–two negative reviews immediately after the film’s release and two more recent reviews as hte movie gained in popularity:

Develop your response in three short paragraphs:

Paragraph #1:

Why do you think people/critics have such different perspectives about the movie? Share a scene that you think is excellent from one perspective and awful from another.

Paragraph #2

Harold and Maude is often described as a “cult movie.” What elements of the movie make it a “cult movie.” Similarly, Harold and Maude is often defined as a “black” romantic comedy. Based upon what you know about romantic comedies, what makes Harold and Maude a “black” romantic comedy?

Paragraph #3

Make a case for either leaving Harold and Maude on the syllabus or removing it.

Reminder: I strongly suggest that you copy your posts into MSWord or another word processing program so you can edit them before submitting the hard copies. (Be sure to retain the timestamp.) For example, you probably will not be able to indent paragraphs in your post online. You will only be able to do that when it’s in a word processing program.

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