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Marial Arts Films

In this brief “how to” video, La Frances Hui, film curator for the Museum of Modern Art, discuss the sub-genres of martial arts films with a specific emphasis on Lau Kar-leung, who she considers the grandmaster of the kungĀ fu genre.…

Deep Focus–Long Shots

Jim Emerson has compiled some classic long shots and posted them to Vimeo. The shots are categorized by the specific strategy the director was attempting and the value of the long shot’s contribution to the film. Deep Focus from Jim…

Digital Movie Posters reports that a huge collection of movie posters have been digitized and made available online. If you’re a fan of old movies and/or vintage movie posters, you might want to have a “look-see.”    


Welcome to the web site for English 293–Introduction to Film at the University of South Carolina Aiken. We will be using this site to manage the class and discuss the films we will be viewing.