Short Paper #2

Genre Analysis

Due: April 26

Length: 750-1,00 words

For your second short paper choose a film viewed in class (or choose a film available on Netflix streaming) and discuss how and why it fits a specific film genre based upon the characteristics of a chosen genre(s) and using examples from the film. The film must be approved by me at a meeting in my office before April 13.

You must argue either a.) the film fits a genre in which it is not normally placed or b.) the film is a cross-genre film that fits two genre.

For each body paragraph, identify the characteristic of the genre and present a specific shot within the film.* Then, explain how/why the shot you chose fits that specific characteristic of the film. You must use at least three characteristics and at least three shots.

In addition to the understand standards of formal written English (organization, paragraph unity, stylistic choices, and grammar), the papers will be assessed based on how well it demonstrates the ability to analyze a film and interpret that film as part of a film genre.

*Include the timestamp of each shot in parentheses after describing it.